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The theme this year at Hubb's Corn Maze is "Life on the Farm".  Do you know
what we grow at Hubb's?   CROPS OF FUN !!!  2014 will provide a bumper year
for fun at Hubb's Corn Maze.  We are working on many additions for the
upcoming season including a new, huge picnic shelter. Did I say huge?  The
shelter will be the home for party rentals and the cool part is that it is available
for rent all year.  We have also added Luke's Field of Pumpkins, a corn
playhouse, some old-timey games and "Cranky the Combine".  You may know
his cousin, Frank.  Cranky is just as ornery, but sometimes he will take you
for a ride around the farm.

Also, new for 2014 is the "Weekend Getaway".  This is a really cool partnership
with Black River Kayaking or ZipQuest of Fayetteville along with some local
hotels and restaurants.  What more could you ask for? You get a weekend pass
to Hubb's, a guided kayak tour of the Black River or a Zip Line adventure, hotel
stay and discounts to local restaurants.  
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Weekend Getaway
September 13
November 8
Welcome to
Hubb's Corn Maze
Eastern NC's
Largest Fall
goodness we plant a hybrid sorghum.  With the lack of rain this season, if we had actually
planted corn, we would have a maze that would top out around 4 feet.  With the sorghum, it
only goes dormant until the rain comes.  After the rain Monday, the maze is growing right in
front of our eyes, however it will be short for our opening weekend.  If you are intimidated by 10
foot mazes, then this weekend is the weekend for you.  By our second weekend, it will probably
be over your head!
We have two prize drawings each week.  This weekend's prizes are 4 tickets w/parking
to see NC State host Florida State ($175 value) on Sept 27 and the second prize is a
$100 gift card to Matthews Gifts in Clinton.  All you have to do is come to the maze
this weekend and fill out a registration form.  All admissions are eligible to win,
regardless of age.  "You can't win if you don't play!"